Friday, 14 August 2009

How To Keep Visitors Coming Back

A successful website can generate substantial traffic but more importantly, returning traffic. Returning visitors are extremely important as they have taken an interest and have built an amount of trust in the site. Returning visitors improve your chances of achieving more and regular sales.

One method of building visitors trust and converting them to regular visitors is implementing a forum or any other interactive feature on your website. This gives your visitors a chance to interact with you and your website whilst voicing their opinions to each other. This builds up a community vibe within your website creating more interest for your visitors to come back to your site day after day.

The use of a poll and surveys, similarly to chat rooms and forums gives your visitors a chance to interact and voice their opinions giving you information on how to cater to your customers and provide them with a great service. Ultimately, a sense of community will build a loyal following and more sales.

The most import method of getting returning visitors is also the simplest. Update your website frequently and add fresh content regularly. You need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back; this is where many sites go wrong through laziness. People do not want to browse a site which looks the same week after week so b

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