Friday, 12 February 2010

Adgitize Review

Adgitize has been plagued by some recent outages that had Ken Brown and staff "pulling out their hair" to solve. Interestingly enough, they traced the problem to the recent upgrade to AVG 9.0 Virus Protection software. AVG has been quite stable, so this isn't good news for anyone.

But this post is another testimonial to the integrity of the Adgitize team. They had promised to make up for the outages to members, and here is what they have chosen to do. For each of the days that no one was able to click any ads and earn points they have looked at each member's account and selected the day of highest earnings from Jan 2-29 and posted that amount for each missing day in the member's earnings.

That is integrity, folks! While Adgitize was not earning any money, they have chosen to show their regret for the outage by giving us all more than we deserve. If you were new to Adgitize shortly before the outage and were wondering what kind of deal you had gotten into with all the problems, now you know!

In addition, Ken had also announced that ads will be extended seven days for free to cover the days that were down.

If you are tired of advertising networks that don't take care of their members, come on in to the Adgitize fold.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ask Yourself "What Do Successful Internet Marketers Do That I Don't?"

Many times people begin doing internet marketing excited about their dream of making lots of online money. Who doesn't want to make enough money online to be able to quit their job? It's the dream of lots of people.

But perhaps you've been doing internet marketing for a while now and you're not making the big bucks the gurus do.

What separates them from you? What do successful internet marketers do that you don't?

Do you have a business model?

It has been said that being a successful internet marketer is not rocket science; find a business model that works for you and work it hard. Yet how many times do you start to follow one model, then abandon it for the next model that comes along with great promises? Stick with one until you're making money with it, then either ramp it up on a large scale or find another stream to add to your income.

Do you work on your business or in your business?

This question catches a lot of people. They're so busy working in their business that they don't have time to take a step back and make the BIG plans for the business. They need to get help, such as finding ways to automate their system or outsource some of the work.

Do you have a list?

You need a list, plain and simple. When you start out, that should be your aim. Without a list, you have to rely on constant traffic as your means of making money. With a list, you have a ready-made group of people to market to - and they're more likely to listen to you.

Do you drive traffic to your site?

It is important to have a plan in place regarding driving traffic, and you have to work it every day. You can use social bookmarking, backlinking, article marketing, forum commenting, Twitter, etc.

Do you have your own product?

A good number of internet marketers start out by selling other people's products because it's easier and cheaper to get started with, and the learning curve isn't so steep. Affiliate marketing can be successful, but you may make even more money with your own products. You can do both - sell affiliate products and your own products.

Do you know how to do videos, podcasts, teleseminars, etc?

Don't feel you've reached a dead end because you don't know how to do something. Jump in, figure it out as best you can, ask for help in forums, watch instructional videos, contact support, etc. No excuses here.

Have you built relationships?

Do you have friends? Not only is it more fun to have internet marketing friends, but you can help each other out. Answer questions, get yours answered, form profitable joint ventures, and have ready-made affiliates.

Do you have a sales funnel?

This is what separates the men from the boys, the big earners from the wannabes, in the internet marketing world. Don't just sell a product; sell it, make money on an upsell, cash in with a backend product, etc.

There are many more questions such as these that you could ask yourself, but I think you get the idea. Take a good, hard look at what you've been doing and figure out how you can do better in each area. Make the improvements and you should find your income increasing.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Economical Website Building

If your thinking about hiring a professional website designer to custom build your website you will have to prepare for large expenses. The most important thing is knowing where the best deals are without the design quality being compromised.

It is never a good idea to use the services of large web-designing companies to design your website as the prices are astronomical for what you pay for. These professional companies need to charge more to cover expenses such as offices and employees and so they are forced to increase prices for their service.

Because of this, I recommend hiring a freelance web-designer who has the luxury of working from home and no extra expenses like business costs. These people work from home without high operation costs unlike companies. More importantly they will be able to design a site with quality similar to designers employed by companies. These people rely on recommendations for work so they will be more invested in the job and may even design the better site.

The best website to use to hire a freelance web designer is which operates on a bidding system. The site allows you post a description for your project and the community of freelance workers will bid to compete for the best price. There is also a rating system on this website which allows you monitor the quality of freelancers bidding for your project so you know you will be getting a good deal.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

If you are going to achieve anything from your website then you will surely know that traffic is the most important aspect. It’s a simple formula, more traffic equals more sales. However, I am going to share some methods of which, you can use for your site to improve sales irrespective of how many visitors your site receives.

Firstly, simply personalize your sales message. Sales pitch is important and you need convince your audience that you believe in the product you’re trying to sell and it is actually beneficial to them. You need to get your personality across as that is what is going to sell the product.

Testimonials, comments and reviews written by your customers are essential in creating a more personal vibe especially if you include balanced opinions and comments. If your visitors believe the reviews are genuine they will be more likely to buy the product. The reason for this is, if they are truly interested in the product you’re selling they will focus on the positive points in the reviews anyway.

Images and videos of your representing your product will provide more information for your customers to become interested in your product and will be more likely than text descriptions to catch the eye of your visitors.

Friday, 14 August 2009

How To Keep Visitors Coming Back

A successful website can generate substantial traffic but more importantly, returning traffic. Returning visitors are extremely important as they have taken an interest and have built an amount of trust in the site. Returning visitors improve your chances of achieving more and regular sales.

One method of building visitors trust and converting them to regular visitors is implementing a forum or any other interactive feature on your website. This gives your visitors a chance to interact with you and your website whilst voicing their opinions to each other. This builds up a community vibe within your website creating more interest for your visitors to come back to your site day after day.

The use of a poll and surveys, similarly to chat rooms and forums gives your visitors a chance to interact and voice their opinions giving you information on how to cater to your customers and provide them with a great service. Ultimately, a sense of community will build a loyal following and more sales.

The most import method of getting returning visitors is also the simplest. Update your website frequently and add fresh content regularly. You need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back; this is where many sites go wrong through laziness. People do not want to browse a site which looks the same week after week so b

Thursday, 13 August 2009

PLR Articles

There are many webmasters that find writing articles for their site to be a very tedious task. Many people who need to write articles also procrastinate as much as they can to delay the amount of writing they need to do. Many people dread writing articles because they find researching for the topic and writing down original materials will be too taxing on them.

Do you find writing articles tedious? Then you should try finding public domain articles. Public domain articles are basically articles that don’t have any copyright issues attached to them. This allows you to use them for any purpose. By posting their articles in public domains the author has denounced any copyright to their work. You can simply re-write them, edit or simply use ideas from them.

This is the most efficient way of writing articles which bypasses thinking up a topic, researching it and ultimately writing it from scratch. However, although you can post these articles straight up, it’s advisable to change the article as search engines delete duplicate content.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Article Writing

The elements of a good article are marketability and being able to drive traffic to your website. To create a good article you need to consider using popular keywords and phrases in article tags and also in the article itself. This is what search engines pick up on allowing your site to be more visible and this attracting more traffic.

When someone is searching for something, they are looking for something specific i.e. tax, finances...etc. To pick up traffic from your chosen demographic you need to think of words and phrases you would use to find your site.

A good way of finding popular keywords is using google trends, this helps you choose the most popular keywords searched in search engines. These keywords need to be included numerous times in the article to make it stand out from other pages which incorporate similar keywords.

Finally, well written content is essential for returning customers so there’s no benefit from writing a poor article with forced keywords and phrases to get the attention of the search engines and customers will navigate away from your page.