Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Article Writing

The elements of a good article are marketability and being able to drive traffic to your website. To create a good article you need to consider using popular keywords and phrases in article tags and also in the article itself. This is what search engines pick up on allowing your site to be more visible and this attracting more traffic.

When someone is searching for something, they are looking for something specific i.e. tax, finances...etc. To pick up traffic from your chosen demographic you need to think of words and phrases you would use to find your site.

A good way of finding popular keywords is using google trends, this helps you choose the most popular keywords searched in search engines. These keywords need to be included numerous times in the article to make it stand out from other pages which incorporate similar keywords.

Finally, well written content is essential for returning customers so there’s no benefit from writing a poor article with forced keywords and phrases to get the attention of the search engines and customers will navigate away from your page.

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